Pics from Saturday’s game. I have a lot I want to say about this bout…it was Fresno NoTown (my team) VS The Faultline Derby Devilz in Hollister and I am sad to say this had to be my first actual bouting experience. 

They had initially requested C level players, as they told us they had some slightly inexperienced players who needed to go up against other fresh meat. We obliged, via the contract etc…when we arrived they were polite and even gave us a gift basket. Unfortunately that was the last classy act they would perform that evening.

They cheated. And it was pretty obvious they lied about the players abilities on the track…hardly C level. They back blocked, elbowed, a few of them straight up hit us in our faces on purpose, while taunting us on the track. It was pretty gross. They lacked sportsmanship. And the refs (friends of the team) NEVER called them out. They were asked to, and they refused despite OBVIOUS CHEATING AND VARIOUS PENALTIES. And they would sometimes stop the clock between jams, which you shouldn’t do unless there is an official time out called. They were grabbing our shirts and pulling us down, they even knocked down our Ref and gave her a bloody lip. 

We obviously lost, but honestly it just felt more frustrating than anything. I am sad to say this is going on with teams in our area. It needs to change, to stop happening altogether. Take pride in the rules of the game and your ability to play as a team strongly and within the regulations. I don’t know why that’s so difficult.

Anyway, we got to see the WFTDA Playoffs in Sacramento the next day so fuck it, that brought our team moral back up. But I seriously never want to see those ladies again, they suck.