I really hurt my elbow at the last practice and they just announced the first half of practice tonight is off skate…is it wrong I got so excited I cried? I have a game (my FIRST BOUT) on the 9th and this small amount of recovery time (aka me not falling on it during practice) is crucial so I can do my best.

nervous like, bad. I have been having such anxiety over practice.

I want to learn, to excel, and to play my first game come August 9th….so I NEED to be ready. I bought some ice hot for my tailbone and it seems to be working…also my bumsaver triple 8 shorts came in the mail so I am trying those out tonight (review coming soon)

Wish me luck….it will be in the high 90’s tonight during practice LOL yay.

Missing practice sucks, especially when you have no choice. But it makes me that much more pumped for Thursday’s practice.
I also ordered some tailbone padded shorts because a couple weeks ago I fell on my ass and it STILL hurts pretty bad just sitting down and getting up.